How To Make Space For Yourself When You Live In A Tiny Apartment

Your parents werent kidding when they said its expensive to be an adult. According to a report by Harvards Joint Center for Housing Studies, the median rent for students in the area rose 70 percent in 2015. This means a typical renter would need to make $55,000 a year in order to afford the

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The 5 Most Affordable Places To Raise Your Kid If You Can Already Tell Theyre Going To Be A Fuckup

Looking for the perfect place to settle down? These five cities are diamonds in the rough for any parent whose kid is clearly going nowhere. 1. Toledo, Ohio With high salaries and low housing prices, Toledo brings incredible value to the table. The schools arent great, so if you already know

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Top 10 Inexpensive Real Estate Staging Tips – Staging Your Home To Sell Fast

In this edition of Tuesday Morning Coffee John presents 10 Tips for Staging Your Home To Sell and the reasoning behind them (yes, there’s some logic involved). Advice straight from Professional Home Stagers that can help you get more for your home and sell faster. Not selling anytime soon? Try

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