Digital Divorce: Who Gets Which Accounts in the Split?

When a formerly happy couple calls it quits, who gets the Farmville money in the divorce settlement? Technology permeates nearly every inch of life today, including love and marriage. The Internet provides ways for singles to meet, gadgets and devices present opportunities and challenges to

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Top 10 Reasons the Newspaper is Dying

Looking back upon the heyday of the newspaper industry, images of angry cigar-smoking editors, journalists with fedoras carrying “press” cards and sharpened pencils, and little Dickensian children on the street corner shouting “Read all about it!” are evoked. That was back when nothing MORE than

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This Is How “Unsettled” Australia Was Before The British Arrived In 1788

Apparently, Tony Abbott needs to brush up on his history. Note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are warned that this post contains images of deceased persons. The Prime Minister delivered the keynote address to the Australian-Melbourne Institute on Thursday, and made some

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