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3 Ways You Unknowingly Stop Yourself From Leaving A Job You Hate

If you have been consistently unhappy at your job, its time to think about making a change. But as with most important decisions in life, its not always that simple. There are several things to take into consideration before you put in your two weeks notice: You may not be able to find jobs that

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How To Become A Top Listing Agent – Real Estate Tips With Borino

How To Become A Top Listing Agent – Real Estate Coaching WIth Borino. JIm has been a real estate agent for over 3 years. All his closed transactions have been as a buyer’s agent. He’s tired of all the stress, long hours and hard work working with buyers. How to make a switch and become a

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New Agent Advice from 12 Top Real Estate Agents – Part 2

http://www.TopAgentInterviews.com (talk show for real estate agents) talked to 12 MORE top real estate agents and asked them to share their words of advice to new agents. These 12 top agents averaged 351 homes sold per year with an average sales volume of $57 million. Each agent answers the question,

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