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Real estate publication’s Trump tweet causes furious back-pedalling

The now deleted tweet was said to be in pretty poor taste and ‘out of touch.’Image: Denisbin/Flickr/Twitter composite Word to the social media wise: Not every topical segue is a smart one. Some are just wrong, and oddly classist. Australian real estate publication Domain.com.au published a story

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Top Tips for New Real Estate Agents Seeking Advice

Collection of top tips from successful real estate agents nationwide. Find out what you need to know to be successful in this business today! All inquiries for marketing strategy or accountability coaching should be made at melissa@whatsnextinre.com. WhatsNextinRE provides the latest information

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Selling Homes Zillow & Trulia! Team Thayer #REALESTATE #SUCCESS TIP OF THE DAY #EugeneOregon

Selling Homes with Zillow & Trulia. with Justin Thayer #EugeneOregonl #RealEstateAgent Real Estate marketing on Zillow & Trulia, Getting noticed on the top 2 sites. How to work #Zillow & #Trulia to your advantage as well as gain advantage over the competitive listings on these sites. Selling

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Real Estate Investing Tips with Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is interviewed by Kevin Bupp, real estate entrepreneur and host of the podcast Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow. Grant discusses his background, various businesses, details on his real estate investment activities, types of properties he invests in, what he looks for in an

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How To Become A Top Listing Agent – Real Estate Tips With Borino

How To Become A Top Listing Agent – Real Estate Coaching WIth Borino. JIm has been a real estate agent for over 3 years. All his closed transactions have been as a buyer’s agent. He’s tired of all the stress, long hours and hard work working with buyers. How to make a switch and become a

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